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CMAT 211 – InDesign, WordPress, & the Class

Learning InDesign wasn’t as hard as I expected to be. I had no previous experience working with this software but I learned it pretty easily. Taking CMAT 212 in the previous semester also contributed to my success in the class. I often found myself going ahead of the class during lecture and completing early. I did learn a lot of new shortcuts and new features in InDesign. Learning WordPress was easy as well because I run a blog on Tumblr which has sort of the same style when creating a website. I like exploring new website builders as well so learning how to use WordPress was a breeze. As a whole the class was very fun, informative, and pretty easy. I would definitely take it again!


Creating a Header

I created my header using InDesign. I combined all of the skills and lessons used throughout the semester to make it. I started off by changing the units to pixels and creating a text box. I created a separate box behind the text layer. On the text box I used the feather and drop shadow effect. On the box layer I used the drop shadow and gradient effect. I added a glyph at the end to give it some personality! I packaged and saved the file. Afterwards, I exported the document as a jpeg. I uploaded the image in the customization tab and clicked publish. It was a easy process making it my background image.

InDesign Versus WordPress

This is what I thought about the learning process for InDesign versus WordPress. InDesign is a much more diverse and intricate interface. It requires a lot of time for individual projects and much more attention to detail. WordPress is fairly simple and easy to use. It doesn’t require as much time to learn the tools and options needed to create a website and webpage. InDesign has so many tools to choose from that help create different effects. WordPress tools are more simple and uniform.