Images: JPEGS vs PDFs in WP

Adding images and PDFs into WordPress is a very easy process. All you have to do is click ‘Add Media’, located to the left of “Paragraph”. Then you select the file you want to insert and the rest of the process is self explanatory.


InDesign Versus WordPress

This is what I thought about the learning process for InDesign versus WordPress. InDesign is a much more diverse and intricate interface. It requires a lot of time for individual projects and much more attention to detail. WordPress is fairly simple and easy to use. It doesn’t require as much time to learn the tools and options needed to create a website and webpage. InDesign has so many tools to choose from that help create different effects. WordPress tools are more simple and uniform.

Posts and Pages in WordPress

My first time using WordPress has been fairly easy. Pages can have subpages, and they can be ordered using Page Attributes as well. An example of these parent and subparent pages can be found under Class Projects in my site.  I learned how to add new pages and create subpages as well. Once I was able to get the first subheading completed, doing the rest was very easy since it followed the same format. We learned some new WordPress Terms as well exploring the differences between Posts and Pages and the front end versus the back end (Dashboard). I’m sure there will be new terms to follow. I also learned how to add media to a page. More specifically, a pdf file to my resources page. It was no different than adding an attachment to an email. It was not very difficult to do. I have a feeling  the rest of this project will go just as smoothly, and I’ll be finished in no time.